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We are a group of Bible believing Christians who choose to fellowship in and through our Love for Jesus Christ.  We believe our Love for one another is an evidence of this reality in our lives.

We teach the Bible as the final authority in all doctrine and practice.  We therefore attempt to bring our lives in conformity with its principles and practices, but more importantly, we attempt to bring our lives in conformity to a Person, the Person of Jesus Christ.  We believe that it is our surrender to Him and desire to know Him that illuminates all Scripture to the heart and mind of man.


Having served much of his life in ministry, and many years in ministry at Calvary Spokane, Pastor Ben Ortize moved to Sandpoint in September of 2009 to Pastor what is now Grace Sandpoint.


We are located in the heart of downtown Sandpoint, Idaho on the main strip of First Avenue and located on the waterfront side of First and Church in the old Eagles building.

For more information, please contact us through our Contact Infromation page.

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